Gordian Consultants serves companies and agencies nationwide

through its cadre of leading experts. 

Our clients represent an interesting mixture of professional, retail, industrial and rural businesses. Our staff is prepared to handle the diverse skill/experience of the business owners participating in industries ranging from agriculture to biomedical research to consumer products/services to mechanized manufacturing and technology innovation.

Essentially all business problems can be described in terms of

customers, capital, employees, productivity, and innovation.


Often the key to problem resolution lies with proper diagnosis and treatment.

We identify the best strategies and tactics for sustainable growth. 

Gordian  Consultants

Optimal solutions created through active  collaboration

Our experience is supported by modern technology. It serves  to enhance your business' performance and productivity

Each of our Advisors have decades of practical business experience in functional areas such as:

  • business development,

  • financial analysis & forecasting,

  • human resources,

  • marketing,

  • operations,

  • strategic deployment and

  • technology innovation.

All of us are committed to professional development so that we can apply good ol' business know-how to solving business problems and delivering solutions in the most cost-effective manner. We employ technology to serve you and your business regardless of your location.

While we headquartered in New Jersey, our reach is national through the judicious use of technology. Effective solutions require intensive collaboration built on confidence and trust. These come from personal interaction which is aided by modern communication tools.

Our goal is to empower the business owner or C-level manager with the right tools to assess and address the challenges facing today's businesses.

Not only do we solve problems, but we train you and your staff in the use of tools that enable you to address future issues. We have partnered with several national companies that provide exceptional tools to assist the business owner and their staff to maintain control of their company's destiny.


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