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All our services are focused on getting short-term results while keeping the overall business strategic goals in mind. Our offerings include both strategic and tactical elements which once in place will have longer-term benefits for your business. Give us a call or better yet schedule an appointment on-line to see what we can do for you. 

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Business Modeling

A Business Model should not be a theoretical construct, but rather it can be used as a graphical representation of the functional activities of your business now and into your future. We use the model to describe the relationship and information flow among the various parts of the business. 


We have successfully used this technique to:

  • Display the process of integrating an acquisition into current business operations,

  • Create a hiring strategy as a business grows,

  • Show how a new project or product line will affect the bottom line

  • Chart relationships between internal operations, strategic partners and vendors

  • Identify opportunities for consolidation or automation of functions, and
  • Document existing and new business processes.


If done well, the model often serves as a reference document to guide future events.


Cost Control & Pricing

These are critical to the sustained profitability of every business. While both are within your span of control as a business manager, often times cost control measures are implemented in place of establishing a sound pricing policy consistent with the overall business segment in which you compete.  Our financial forecasting and benchmarking* services assist with fine-tuning results as compared with your competitors.

We address these together because it affects both financial and marketing aspects of the business. Effective strategies, by necessity and design, require both to be considered jointly since decisions in one functional discipline profoundly impacts the other. 

Our experience has shown that addressing one or more fundamental business impediments in a timely manner has a positive impact on both the financial performance and market acceptance of the business' products and/or services.

*Benchmarking: A measurement of the quality of an organization's policies, products, programs, strategies, etc., and their comparison with standard measurements, or similar measurements of its peers.
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Financial Forecasting

Understanding the financial operations of your business is key to making optimal choices for your business' future. Predicting the future financial performance of your company is key to developing your overall strategy and obtaining the financial resources to achieve your goals.

Unless you have a financial background, looking at pages (or screens) of numbers can make your head ache and your eyes become bleary. If you've ever asked:

  • So what does it all mean? or

  • Are we doing OK or not? or

  • How does this compare to what the expected results should be?

Then you probably will be happy to have Gordian Consultants help you with Financial Forecasting & Benchmarking. Using modern forecasting techniques, we compare your results to industry standards and present all these in a graphical format. Then you can explore what-if scenarios and see their financial impact in  real-time. This is exactly the solution to understanding complex relationships within the business alternatives. 

Market Development

By definition, Market Development is: The expansion of the total market for a product or company by (1) entering new segments of the market, (2) converting non-users into users, or (3) increasing usage per user. - 

Within this context, a significant strategic perspective is required to reach and serve the right set of customers in an economically sustainable manner. 

Our experienced Gordian Consultants have acquired  expertise in diverse industries: 

from agriculture

to biomedical products

to distributors 

to health care agencies

to manufacturers

to service providers, etc.

Our Advisors are uniquely qualified to assist with your Market Development needs.

This requires both the art and science of marketing to be truly effective.



Today's businesses require innovative approaches to sustaining profitable growth, especially in labor intensive industries or in highly competitive markets. Fortunately technology can often assist improving productivity, efficiency and quality if chosen  and implemented correctly.


We do not believe in the use of technology for its own sake; nor do we believe that it should eliminate labor. Selecting the optimal tools, retraining the existing labor pool and targeted hiring practices can be instrumental in significant profit improvement.


Companies are sometimes reluctant to adopt new methods because they anticipate that it will be too costly and time consuming. We will provide a cost-benefit analysis of any capital project and an estimate of its ROI. 

Strategic Deployment

We use the term Strategic Deployment in lieu of Strategic Planning because we believe that unless a plan is executed it adds little value to a business. Therefore the approach taken by Gordian Consultants is results-oriented. Strategic projects are identified and become specific tactics to achieve long-term growth and profitability. 


Unless we can drive to desired outcomes in short order, managers of SMBs often cannot justify the investment of their 2 most precious resources:

Time & Capital.

The unique methodology developed at Gordian Consultants helps to identify these types of opportunities, creates short-term projects focused on targeted results with measurable  outcomes with long-term strategic benefits.


We believe that challenges, opportunities and outcomes are best realized within a strategic context.


Web Presence

We specifically address the entire context of a company's web presence. Our experience  has shown that (all too often) limited experienced managers simply pick a tool and attempt to use it without considering its overall effect on business performance. 

At the heart of every company's web presence is their website, but it must be executed within the framework of the total marketing effort (both digital and traditional) surrounding the business. As such, it must present a  consistent image with the business' brand, the target audience, the traditional marketing effort, e-commerce (if applicable) and the use of social media to promote products and services. 

Our approach is to assess the overall web presence and to refine it as necessary to address the goals of the business.



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