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Participation Criteria

Company Size

  • Revenues $1 million & above


  • # Employees = 10 or more

Company Status

Existing business beyond the initial start-up phase with a track record

Management Commitment

Serious about improving company operations in a strategic approach as demonstrated by:

  • Completion of the B-GAP Assessment Tool 

  • Providing all required documentation

  • Agreement to work with B-GAP Advisor a minimum of 6 hours over the next 3 months

  • Agreement to undertake/complete strategic projects as identified from Assessment Evaluation

  •  Commit resources (staff and funds) to project(s) implementation to expedite completion in 6-8 weeks


If not an existing NJSBDC client, you must be registered as a client. Complete the e-RFC (Request for Consulting). You will be directed to NW-NJSBDC, the only center currently implementing the B-GAP Solution.

Main Office

Hackettstown, NJ 07840


T: 908-269-8738

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